Tamworth Excavator Sales and Service

Gato Sales and Repairs, Tamworth is a renowned and trusted business in the regions of Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and mid North Coast of NSW since 1992. Dealing exclusively in Kobelco Excavators and Everdigm Hydraulic Breaker, we sell, service, and, and repair them through our professional and efficient support set up. In addition, we also dismantle large machines, sell new and used spare parts, lubricants, and high quality rubber pads and tracks. Our solid service network in Tamworth ensures that you will always get timely and professional help when needed. 

Kobelco Excavators, Spare Parts and Excavator Attachments

Kobelco Excavators: Kobelco Excavators need no introduction as their reputation is spread far and wide for their strength and reliability. Kobelco Excavators are solid go-anywhere machines that make any digging or excavation work look easy. While they are bought for their robustness and utility, their biggest feature is consistent fuel efficiency. For projects that require longer and continuous operations and costs are a sensitive matter, Kobelco Excavators provide great return on investment.


Based on your excavation requirements, you can opt for any of the following models available for Kobelco Excavators:

Kobelco Excavators Newcastle, GATO Sales and Service

Small and versatile, these provide great flexibility to the operators.

Kobelco Excavators Newcastle, GATO Sales and Service

Ideally suited for longer and continuous operations by virtue of their large fuel tank and optimum fuel efficiency.

Kobelco Excavators Newcastle, GATO Sales and Service
They remain firmly planted and absorb vibrations due to their superb design and robust hardware and are suited to large excavation operations and diggings.
Kobelco Excavators Newcastle, GATO Sales and Service
Used to scrap the material for recycling, these have specially designed clamp arms, grips and teeth that make them capable of holding, cutting and bending any material

Everdigm Hydraulic Breaker: We also deal in Everdigm Hydraulic Breaker which is a great tool for demolitions and drillings. When it comes to complex concrete drillings, Everdigm Hydraulic Breaker has no match. It is a reliable tool that is used extensively to carry out various jobs in road construction, demolitions, digging and tunnelling in the quarries and in rail and road construction.

For more information about our products, service, and support in Tamworth, give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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